LENKE’s core team have in excess of 30 years’ experience in the Energy Industry (upstream, midstream and downstream), and each member has worked either at a Blue Chip Energy Company, acted as an EPC Contractor and as a Subcontractor, or run an operation as an Original Equipment Manufacturer, and are very familiar with the type of character and discipline you need within a project.

Over these 3 decades, LENKE have grown an extensive database with senior specialists, but also talented and young educated candidates who are suitable for your projects. LENKE also have access to universities, higher professional education- and secondary vocational education centers, who trainees require Clients like you to provide assignments to successfully complete their study and education. Additionally, LENKE are working with joint venture partners, who are specialized in sourcing and maintaining international specialists who can either perform activities in your home offices or at project sites.

  • Quality
  • Accuracy
  • Safety
  • Reliance

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LENKE does not need job descriptions , we know what every job contains since we have worked in the same business as our customers and contractors. We speak the same language as our customers and our People!

  • People come first
  • 30 Years Experience
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Provides training
  • Professional legal support
  • Unique bonus system